güs was started in 2008 with a goal of bringing back craftsmanship and quality to men’s accessories. we all miss those items such as our grandfather’s old watch, those old leather toiletry kits, or our dad’s worn billfold - things that developed character and style over time because they were made with materials and techniques that were intended to last for generations - they told stories. so, we set out for italy and found small studios (bottega’s) that specialized in time-honored traditions and techniques of hand-crafted leather goods. we combined all of this with some contemporary styling and updated functional needs – the result is “güs”.

today, and by popular demand, güs has grown beyond men’s accessories and we’re pleased to introduce our new line of women’s wallets as well as our new alligator line for 2012. while we continue to design in america 100% of all of our leather and skins are tanned in tuscany, and 100% of all of our production is still done there, too. it’s important to do things the right way with güs, and we’re hoping you will agree.

why “güs”

güs is family-owned and “Gus” is actually the name of mom’s labrador. the umlaut “ü” was more a differentiator for the brand. while we will accept the phonetic pronunciation of “goose,” we typically refer to the name as “gus”.


we’re still prefer to keep things small, but we’re also spread about across the globe - from california to italy. for that reason we ask for your understanding in communicating primarily by email. it’s important for us to respond quickly, and usually it’s within an hour or so of your message. if you are delayed by more than 1 business day will compensate you accordingly.

please send all of your inquiries to us at: style@gusstyle.com