what goes into a güs alligator wallet?

an alligator wallet is an amazing thing, and there are those times when some of us want to carry something that will last for years and is made in a studio, not a factory. something that was hand-crafted by people in white jackets with years of experience and tradition behind them. for those people we have created our very limited edition alligator collection. for those who appreciate the quality, the heritage and the style that only alligator can offer.


güs uses the finest alligator in the world – 100% american alligator – not cayman, not crocodile and not an immitation. this is an incredibly beautiful, durable, and unique exotic skin. hence, its limited availability.


tanning is one of the most important elements in developing an exotic skin. finer products will be more supple, have richer color, and will last longer than poorly tanned alternatives. thus, güs works with the most renowned tanneries in europe to achieve a product worthy of our standards and the name güs.

blued black finish

inspired by the unique bluing of old west firearms, we worked with our tannery to develop a blue/black finish that embodies that blue sheen over a black base. the result is stunningly attractive and only found in this very special collection.


hand crafted

each piece in thie collection was individually crafted almost entirely by hand at one of Italy’s finest studios. white gloves are worn throughout the process while century old techniques are used to insure an artisan finish.

european materials

all of the materials used in a güs wallet are always the finest available from the german thread to the Italian leather lining, nothing is ever second best. then again, why should it be?

antique sterling silver

our tag is sterling silver plated brass that has been burnished and antiqued for a more used and masculine appearance.