introducing the güs women’s line

we’re pleased to introduce our first line of products designed specifically for women - and we’ve didn’t hold back. our new line features an incredible exterior “pony” that is simply stunning, then we’ve tipped all of the components with gold and lined each piece in a beautiful vatella leather. the result is a collection of incredibly quality and styled in something completely new and innovative.


pony or “pony fur” is actually made from cowhide. it is more commonly found in luxury shoes and handbags. while available in many places, güs uses an italian tannery famous for its unparalleled softness and quality.


our tag is pure 24 karat gold plating so as to best complement the quality of the piece. the zippers are also gold plated in a “clear” or light gold finish. plus, we used the finest quality zipper from ykk in italy.


inspired by the natural coloring and warm, earth tones of coffee. from the warm and rich brown mocha to the natural light cream color typically found in the light foam of a latte. trust us when we tell you that the color is even richer when you see it first hand. it is truly incredible.


hand crafted

each piece in thie collection was individually crafted almost entirely by hand at one of Italy’s finest studios. white gloves are worn throughout the process while century old techniques are used to insure an artisan finish.

european materials

all of the materials used in a güs wallet are always the finest available from the german thread to the Italian leather lining, nothing is ever second best. then again, why should it be?


there’s more to modern living than just style. in today’s world our products need to work well, too. so we made the line to fit things like an iphone, or a detachable wrist strap, or more compact design to reduce weight, even on our larger designs. everything makes sense.